Basketball Community

Basketball is not just a game.


The objective of Baasketball Community is to open the eyes of those who haven't noticed the positive effect basketball has on a community. Not only does it bring people together it also provides structure for youth that otherwise did not have any. The interview linked next to this paragraph tells a story of an individual who has personally been touched by the game and shares their story of how basketball has effected their life.

Youth in basketball

Basketball provides structure for the youth. It offers life lessons and helps develop collobrative skills that carry into the real world. Associations such as the Ameteur Athletic Union are able to bring together youth teams from around the country connecting children at a young age. These connections can be life changing for the youth players because they have a safe space to be themselves. Expressing emotions and sharing feelings is s common occurance among teammates and friendships and not having this can lead to early cases of depression and mental illness.


October 2nd, 2023